Nerdware App | What’s all about Trump in the book that got him upset?
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What’s all about Trump in the book that got him upset?

What’s all about Trump in the book that got him upset?

The book “Fire and Fury” has triggered a political storm, and it states that Donald Tramp did not expect an election victory and that “the US President does not read anything.”

Michael Wolf is the author of this book based on more than 200 interviews with the president of the United States, the closest associates and members of the administration, describing the internal struggles in the White House, even though some of Tramp’s closest associates are expressing contempt for him.

Wolf (64) is a former New York magazine columnist and Veniti Fera.

The bargain, apparently, was most affected by the comments of former associate Steve Benon, whom he dismissed last year, as regards meetings with the Russians in Tramp’s tower in New York.

The American president seems to have split up with his former chief strategist and close associate from the time of the presidential campaign, Steve Benon, after this extreme right-wing populist severely criticized Tramp’s son and son-in-law for a “treacherous” meeting with the Russians.

– Steve Benon has nothing to do with me or with my presidency. When he was dismissed, he not only lost his job, he lost his intellect. Steve does not represent my base – he’s just there for himself – Tramp said, reports Reuters.

A traitor’s meeting with Tramp’s son with the Russians
Benon previously described a Tramp’s son’s meeting with a group of Russians in the Tramp Tower as “treacherous” and “non-patriotic”, which he told the author, Michael Wolf, and warned that the investigation of the alleged Kremlin intimidation would focus on money laundering, the British “Guardian “.

“It will break Don Junior as an egg on national television,” Benon said.

Benon was the head of the Tramp campaign for the past three months, and then the White House chief strategist for seven months, until he was fired and returned to his ultramodern “Brightbart Newspaper” site.

He particularly criticized Trump for the meeting that took place in June 2016, which was attended by Donald Tramp Jr., Tramp’s son-in-law Jared Kouchner, Pol Manafort’s campaign manager at the time, and Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnykickaja, who was held in Trampova tower in New York.

Benon states that Tramp’s son went to the meeting after the mediators promised him “incriminating material” against Hilary Clinton, the main rival of Donald Trump in the presidential race.

“The three senior campaign officials thought it would be a good idea to meet with a foreign government in Kula Tramp in a conference room on the 25th floor – without a lawyer! Even if they thought it was not a betrayal, neither a patriotic nor a bad deal, And I think that’s exactly what it was – they should have called the FBI immediately, “Benon said, adding that such a meeting should take place in the presence of lawyers, with information from the meeting being published in the media.

Tramp did not expect victory
Wolf writes, among other things, that Tramp did not expect victory over Hillary Clinton in US presidential elections in 2016.

“The goal of the Tramp was not Oval Office, but he was excited about the exposure and opportunity to develop his brand. He even flirted with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching his own television network,” the book says.

Michael Wolfe also claims that some people close to Tramp that Melanie Tramp during the election night, after he was sure he would beat Clinton, was tearing and “not tearing up the joys”.

“Benon described Tramp’s metamorphosis – in less than an hour of confused Tramp turned to Trump in unbelief and into a terrified Trump. But the final transformation followed: Tramp became a man who believed he deserved, and was fully capable of being president of the United States, “writes Wolf.

The book also quotes the email of the head of the US National Economic Council, who circled the White House in April last year.

In this line, the President says that the US does not read anything – neither the memorandum nor the short papers on politics, as well as from the meetings with world leaders, he is half-up, “because he’s bored”.

Also, the book notes that the former chief of the Pribus cabinet, Steve Benon and Tramp’s son-in-law Jerad Kouchner were constantly fighting “who will be behind the trumpet trunk”.

For several days, Tramp’s lawyers have been fighting to get the book out of sales. As the Guardian writes, the Tramp lawyer sent Wolf and his publisher a letter requesting him to immediately deal with the distribution of the book.

Lawyers accuse Wolf of “falsely and / or unfounded statements” about Tramp, but also to think that Wolf is suing for defamation.